Нашия екип

In ophthalmology – a team of eye specialists work at Oxycom Medical centre, headed by:

  • Dr. Plamen Hubanov – from the town of Varna
  • leading ophthalmologists from the town of Burgas – Dr. Nelly Dzhokova , Dr. Rumen Mutavchiev, Dr. Marina Hreleva, Dr. Svilen Mersinkov.

ENT specialists:

  • Specialists from the town of Burgas – Dr. Lambov, Dr. Avramov and Dr. Parunov.


In vascular surgery: the specialist is Dr Golemanov from the town of Varna, for more info check here http://razshireniveni.com

Neurogical consultations are given by Dr. Rusinov.

Surgery and neurosurgery are performed by Dr. Tanev and Dr. Radev – from the town of Bourgas

Team of anaesthetists – Dr. Kurtev and Dr. Doncheva.

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